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Sardines are a delicious and healthy snack with an unwarranted bad reputation. While still popular in many parts of the world, sardines have sharply declined in popularity in most of the Western world since the 1980's. To many, sardines are synonymous with putrid odors and poverty, certainly not something one would ever choose to eat. Our goal at Sardine.Reviews is to remedy that commonly held but unfair belief through entertaining and informative reviews and educational content.

The truth is that sardines and other canned fish come in so many varieties and preparations that there are products out there to suit even the pickiest of palates, so if you're interested in learning more about sardines, or already know that you'd like to add a protein and omega-3 packed snack to your diet, you've come to the right place. The sardines that you remember, or have seen in movies and other media, are unlikely to have presented the full gamut of sardine possibilities (not that your grandpa was wrong for eating plain sardine sandwiches every morning—that's perfectly valid too!)

Sardines are an affordable and healthy source of high quality protein that many are afraid to try, but it doesn't need to be that way. The ongoing resurgence of canned fish in the foodie zeitgeist is no mere coincidence; people are waking up to the fact that processed foods and snacks are not doing them much good, and sardines fill the role of a guilt-free snack perfectly.

We hope that our reviews and other writings will help to fuel the canned fish revolution, and ultimately lift these scrumptious little fish from the reviled depths to the mainstream heights that they deserve.

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