Are Sardines Vegan?

With all of the hype about sardines lately, you may have been wondering, “can I eat sardines on a vegan diet?” While sardines are not technically vegan, that doesn't mean that they can't be incorporated into a plant-based diet. There are less strict plant-based diets, such as pescatarian, seagan, and pegan, that do allow for the consumption of sardines and other fish.

Pure vegans and vegetarians often find it difficult to consume the necessary amounts of B12, protein, and omega-3's that their bodies need to thrive. Some people have found that they do not feel or perform at their best on an entirely plant-based diet. Occasionally supplementing a vegan or vegetarian diet with wild caught canned sardines is a great way to obtain those vital nutrients in a more ethical and affordable way than factory farmed beef, pork, or chicken.

Canned sardines are a perfect snack for pescatarians and seagans hoping to add some easy and affordable protein to their healthy lifestyle. Browse Sardine University to learn more about sardines, or find the best sardines for a pescatarian diet by reading some of our sardine reviews. is reader-supported!
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